David Chamber

Vocals – Keyboard/Synths/Pianos – Guitars

David started off playing piano by ear as a young child.  He has played several instruments in his life and has more recently begun venturing deeper into keyboards and synth sounds for his song writing passion. He has been writing lyrics and songs as long as he can remember.  Musical interests and/or influences have ranged from Classical, Rock, Country, Metal, and many more. David is the face, voice, and director of vernacular for Foolsbane.

Tracey Emery

Guitars – Pianos – Vocals

Tracey Emery began playing music at a very early age. Beginning at three, after his grandfather taught him how to blow on a harmonica, Tracey began his stage career in a mall in Utah, giving his first performance to passers-by under the escalators. Continuing in to classical piano, and eventually teaching himself guitar in high school, music has been his life-long pursuit. Tracey has sculpted his sound and guitar technique to support the cinematic and ever changing face of the almighty Foolsbane. Tracey is a proud member of the Ernie Ball/Music-Man family of artists and endorses Presonus gear!

Brian Lopez


Brian Lopez started out playing piano, but slowly drifted to drums, and has been playing for 18 years.  Brian’s youth and skill brings new life and direction to Foolsbane. His kindness, quick wit, and enthusiasm for the craft has instantly made Brian a kindred spirit in the band. “Being a part of this group as the drummer is a unique experience. I cant wait to see what the future holds,” explains Brian. Brian’s playing brings a new edge to the Foolsbane sound.




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